Dreams that reveal you are stressed

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Stressful situations that we experience in everyday life often appear in our dreams, mainly packed in various symbols. From storms and accidents to death and cats in our dreams - it may be an indication that you are under stress.
Dreams that reveal you are stressed

Naked on the street 

Walking on the street or on the road for work and suddenly you realize that you are naked. You do not find it enjoyable and you cannot believe that you forgot to get dressed, but nobody pays attention to your problem. Sounds familiar dream to you? By Gustavus Hindman Miller, author of the book "10,000 interpreted dreams", if you dreamed a dream in which you are naked in public, you may soon occur any scandal. Dream Moods, the website that deals with the interpretation of dreams, stating that you dream such dreams when feel shamed or unprotected.


Storm symbolizes instability and tension. If you dream a storm, then you have probably experienced a loss, shock or disaster in your personal life. Miller’s interpretation of storm-related dreams is disease, poor job agreement or separation from a friend. If the storm ended before you awoke – stress you will experience will be significantly lower.


Crash in dreams represents a profoundly deep-seated anxiety and various fears. Many people think that the dream that have an accident, hints real accident on the road, but it was not generally so. Collision may be a feeling that your life goes to a bad direction. If you are pushing hard or you do not have the control that you want to have over your decisions, stress that appears with it, manifested in dreams. Dream Moods says that every crash is different - a car accident is a shock or painful experience; plane means that you set too high goals.


Everywhere around you fire, lava, and the devil makes you company? Probably you suffer because you are in irreparable situation. It is about inner fears and repressed feelings of guilt, but if you dream fire that is not connected with hell, the reasons for this may be a passion, desire, illumination, coming changes or rage. 


Although dreams of your own death and your fellow belong to the most uncomfortable experiences, interpretation specialists say that it is symbolism, not the future. Miller argues that any unresolved situation can lead to dreaming of death. Dreams in which someone dies can often represent the end of his career or as an end to the marriage.


Cats generally represent accident. However, if you are particularly lover of cats, dreams in which they occur represent creativity, independence and power. Miller says that you can successfully conquer obstacles if you manage to drive out the cat in your dream. But in the case of friendly cats and snakes, you await debate. 

Loss of teeth

When we dream that we lost our teeth, actually it means wounded pride. If someone in a dream shattered teeth awaits misfortune. Old and rotten teeth mean medical or professional problem. Another interpretation of the dreams of losing teeth is a feeling of helplessness in life. Experts generally agree with the opinion that dreams in which we lose characters represent uncertainty.

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