Women are more susceptible to HIV infection than men

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women with hiv - Prof. Diane Havlir
This infection is a major cause of death among women of reproductive age.
The latest data released on the 19th International Conference on HIV show that 63% of all infected people in the world are women. The number of HIV-infected young women aged 15-24 years worldwide is twice larger than the number of men of the same age, according to the latest aids statistics. The UN estimates that the HIV virus has infected 1.2 million young women in the year 2011, and most often it is the women who live in developing countries. Experts point out that infection with this virus is a major cause of death for women of reproductive age.

"So far we have managed to achieve great progress in reducing the transmission of the virus from pregnant women in the child, thanks to antiretroviral therapy, but we have to try to find new ways to prevent the spread of the virus among young women or women fertilnata age," said co-chairman of the conference - Prof. Diane Havlir of the University of California.

In general, women are much more susceptible to HIV infection than men during heterosexual intercourse without condoms, say participants of the 19th International Conference on HIV. Additionally, the situation is more difficult due to the fact that these women are not in a position to ask the partner to use protection, and many of these women are victims of rape. HIV is the abbreviation for human immunodeficiency virus (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). He attacks the human immune system, making the body becomes unable to fight against common infections.

Known information on hiv

AIDS (syndrome acquired on week immunity) or Stechena immunodeficienci syndrome is a term used when a person's immune system is so damaged by HIV that the number of blood elements to fight infections or so-called helpers of T lymphocytes (CD4 cells) falling from 800-1050 less than 200 per milliliter of blood in the bloodstream.
The patient is then subjected to a number of infections and eventually died as a result of diseases, against which his immune system can not fight.

HIV infection leads to AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). If a person is HIV positive, it means that the blood test shows that the virus is present in the body. As long as the virus does not attack the immune system (sometimes after many years), that person has AIDS.

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