Illusions About Diets and Truth In Same Time

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Illusions About Diets
Carbohydrates are a problem for people on a diet In fact it is the opposite, they are a source of energy, but not all carbohydrates are the same, avoid processed carbs by replacing them with whole grains. And do not forget the fruits and vegetables that provide nutrients and dietary fiber, that are low in calories and reduce the risk of heart disease.
Combining food is dangerous?

The combination of food is the magic formula for our health. By properly combining we do not burden the body and metabolism and is same time we enable the body to absorb all the necessary nutrients without having to feel burden. With each meal it is recommended to have fresh salad. Proper combination of foods can only improve our health.

Skipping breakfast will help you to get weakened?

Skipping any meal can contribute to weight gain. A new British study which focused on 6764 people found that those who skipped breakfast had twice higher weight gain over four years than those who ate breakfast. Another group of researchers analyzed government data on 4200 adult subjects. They noted that women who ate breakfast brought all less calories throughout the day. 

Food and its connection

Food should be adapted to the region where we live. Our area is full of quality fruit and vegetables, and in particular should not be used seasonal. You should always eat the food at the moment can be found in the markets. So we know that in that time we need fruits and vegetables that can be purchased. During the week our meals should containing fish, beans, peas, green beans ....

It should be accompanied with fresh seasonal salad. Eating should be prepared as pottage, without food to be fried and without a lot of accessories. Lunch should be planned according to our daily bio rhythm. Food should be consumed as much as we need in one day. Should not be linked to the timing and amount of food too. And another thing that is very important - you should never consume fruit in the afternoon, or even as a dessert, because we will never use its benefits.

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